Steinbeis Transfer Center Applied & Environmental Chemistry


  • Chemical analysis
  • Biological analysis in the GLP laboratory
  • Applied research, development, application technology
  • Writing of expert reports
  • Consulting and continuing professional development

Key Areas

  • Chemical analysis
    • Chemical analysis involving the characterization of soils, sediments, water, waste water, indoor ventilation, waste air, material samples, textile samples, biological samples etc., covering practically all analysis parameters down to trace levels carried out in a modern, comprehensively equipped laboratory geared toward instrumental analysis
  • Biological analysis in a GLP laboratory
    • Ecotoxicological testing on the impact of aquatic and terrestrial organisms and testing properties in soil, water and air, looking at bioaccumulation and metabolism (determination of biological degradability); categorization by water hazard level. Testing can be carried out on chemicals, preparations, lubricants, solid and liquid waste and utensils based on standard OECD, DIN, ISO, EG and CEC testing procedures in keeping with chemical regulations, domestic water regulations, waste water regulations, RAL guidelines relating to environmental certification, and utensil laws. Test organisms include bacteria, algae, daphnia, fish and higher plant forms
  • Applied research, development, application technology
    • Participation in BMBF joint research project: validation and application of biological, chemical and mathematical testing and biomarker studies for the evaluation of pollution of small bodies of flowing water caused by chemicals in the environment
    • Development and modification of testing procedures for ecotoxicological and biological degradability
    • Development of simple laboratory methods in bioindication
    • Application of simple bacteria tests in the reduction of animal testing
    • Development of simple environmental monitoring procedures based on chemical analytical principles
    • Support with the chemical and biological analysis of soil cleaning
  • Writing of expert reports
    • Expert reports on classification of hazardous water levels
    • Independent assessment of damage based on own chemical analytical tests
    • Independent appraisal of new procedures
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Phone: +49 7121 271-2018
Fax: +49 7121 271-9511
Management: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Honnen
(Stand: 09/07/2021)

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