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Competent consulting builds a foundation for successful implementation. Our portfolio therefore ranges from advisory services to implementation/adaptation of PLM components. We also offer you a comprehensive portfolio of staff training and CPD services. This makes us the ideal people to turn to, not just for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also for major companies.

  • Consulting
  • Implementation and customized adaptation
  • Training and continuing professional development

Key Areas


  • Strategy and process consulting
    • PLM information flow analysis and assessment of potential
    • Development of business strategies for PLM and virtual factories
    • Detailed planning of PLM technology concepts
    • PLM project management
  • Operational planning of information management in the product development process
    • Lifecycle design - planning of operational information development
    • Semantic design - planning of modular product structures
    • Integration design - integration of specialist functions and sites

Implementation and customized adaptation:

  • Implementation support with the introduction of
    • PLM, PDM, and technical information systems (e.g. Teamcenter implementation)
    • PLM cost accounting
    • Requirement management and systems engineering
    • CAD, CAM, CAE, CNC simulation
    • Virtual factories and virtual commissioning with Process/Simulate and Teamcenter
  • Customer-specific adaptation programming for Teamcenter, NX, and CATIA
    • Software design and programming of customer-specific software
    • Development of PLM clients, modules, and interfaces
    • Post-processor programming and drafting of virtual machine tools
    • Development of tools for safeguarding data quality

Training and continuing professional development:

  • Methods training and management courses
    • Certified PLM Principal (SHB), Shaolin Temple for PLM – training run by experts for other experts
    • PLM – overview (introduction to the common terminology and topics of PLM)
    • Industry 4.0 – overview (introduction to the common terminology and topics of smart production)
    • The product development process: from requirements to the final product
    • PLM – industry processes (incl. production management, manufacturing, assembly, cost accounting in order processing, supplier connections)
  • Technical training
    • CAD/CAM/CAE-related training and education on the following systems: NX, Creo, CATIA
    • Teamcenter fundamental training
    • Digital factories - Process Designer/Process Simulate
    • Mechatronic Concept Designer

Project Examples

  • CAD and PLM: worldwide user support for an automotive supplier
  • Analysis of structuring methods applied to product hierarchies and crystallization into examples of best practice for the different types of customers of a leading PLM supplier
  • Software development for mass import of NX native data in Teamcenter taking company-specific standards into account
  • Support with the introduction of a Teamcenter UA-based process planning system for mapping assembly and virtual safeguards
  • Support with the introduction of a multi-domain PLM strategy involving Teamcenter UA for a producer of white goods
  • Mapping of costs and project tracking for a southern German automotive producer based on digital factories
  • Software development for the mass import of NX native data in Teamcenter taking company-specific standards into account for CAD structures and naming conventions, including validity checks and output protocols
  • Development and programming of company-specific technical calculation programs, in some cases integrated into the CAD system.
  • Development of tools for automatic quality checking of existing CAD records, including output protocols
  • Implementation of CAD systems at different types of companies
  • Economic viability assessment of CAD systems

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