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Services in municipal fields:

  • Consulting and coaching
  • Assessments
  • Funding opportunities
  • Surveys
  • Coaching

Key Areas

  • Planning and implementation of municipal economic development strategies
    • Analysis of location potential, outlooks, and challenges
    • Location loyalty and attracting companies to new locations
    • Cooperative and systematic determination of strategies and measures aimed at supporting municipal economic development
    • Quantitative and qualitative surveys of local economic stakeholders
    • Systematic empirical identification of areas of action and economic development options
    • The setting up and maintenance of traditional and innovative dialog events aimed at promoting ongoing exchange between business, local authorities, and citizens (e.g. consultation sessions, entrepreneur breakfasts, talks, workshops, digital participation portals (e.g. discuto))
  • Press and public relations
    • Management of conventional and virtual events
    • Press articles for the print media
    • Planning and running of virtual/digital PR campaigns, esp. in social media
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Innovative regional marketing
  • Consulting and coaching of established companies, startups, and people interested in founding a company
    • Technology consulting
    • Funding advice
    • Expert recruitment, e.g. in the area of digital technology and investment
    • Corporate financing during all phases of the company life cycle
  • Location-based pooling of value-added processes and the expansion of business infrastructure
    • Promotion and support of infrastructure development and expansion
    • Inter- and intra-community networking between different stakeholders
    • Intra-community dovetailing of business, administration, and citizens
    • Initiation, support, and moderation of partnerships between companies and different collaboration partners (e.g. universities, research bodies, institutions, business clusters, network organizations)

Project Examples

Implementation of the EGON economic development program in the municipalities of Dauchingen, Deißlingen, Niedereschach with a focus on

  • Business development
  • Business start-up campaigns

with the following tools:


  • Initial contact for founders / companies
  • Short consulting / coaching for founders / companies
  • Special consulting
    • Placement of internal / external experts
    • Financing of expert know-how


  • Of lecture events
  • Of start-up days
  • Of entrepreneur meetings
  • Of company surveys

Creation of municipal roadmaps


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