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The objective of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Technical Consulting is to support small and medium-sized enterprises in particular on issues of a technical nature. These are typically technology issues that cannot be mastered by virtue of in-house technical resources and systems.

Particular emphasis is placed on the provision of new scientific and technical know-how with the aim of raising productivity and the competitiveness of companies.

The Steinbeis Transfer Center for Technical Consulting is based at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and is increasingly involved in projects with industrial enterprises and the skilled trades. These projects include consulting, explorative studies, development and research services.

Key Areas

  • Analysis of electrical supply networks
  • EMC testing
  • Admissions for the North American market
  • Electrical material testing
  • Mechanical material testing
  • Thermal material testing
  • Analytical testing
  • Production of testing rods with injection molding
  • Initial sampling of tools
  • Simulation of plastic processing
  • Vibration analysis including simulation
  • Process measurement technology, temperature/pressure, flow measurement
  • Vibration measurement technology, acoustic measurement technology
  • Thermal transfer measurement, heat transmission measurement
  • Hydrogen technology (storage, fuel cells, system technologies)
  • Heat transmission, heat exchangers, climate control, energy storage
  • Analytical chemistry, environmental analysis
  • Determination of hazardous materials, heavy metals, comparative analysis
  • Analysis of colors, fault testing, complaint processing
  • Vibration technology, machine dynamics, simulation using FEM, coupled simulation
  • Machine dynamics/control
  • Vibration measurement technology, structure optimization

Project Examples

  • Optimization of cast resins used as insulation materials in ESD protection
  • Analysis of engine oil by measuring contamination levels
  • Analysis of the loss of function of electric actuators
  • Measurement of heat transfer in refrigerants
  • Energy-efficient control of heat pumps
  • Icing tests on heat exchangers
  • Energy efficiency improvements with compressed air systems
  • Conditions below dewpoint of heat exchangers
  • Development of alkaline electrolyzers
  • Development of fuel cell systems
  • Chassis dynamometer test rig (driving simulation, measurement of operational efficiency and consumption)
  • Tire test rig (force measurement on freely rotating wheels)
  • Oscillation test rig (4-poster road simulation, uniaxial testing rigs)
  • Experimentation on the spring and damping properties of wheel suspensions and components
  • Determination of the dynamic performance of elastomer bearings with directionally regulated amplitude
  • Measurement of resonance frequencies on an engine transmission block; determination of operational deflection shape (ODS) and experimental modal analysis
  • Oscillation testing with sinusoidal, noise, and shock stimulation for the functional testing of valves
  • Determination of the resonance vibration characteristics of bodyshell parts using electronic speckle pattern interferometry and vibrometry
  • Measurement of the resonance vibration characteristics of micro-mechanical components
  • Quantitative analysis of the resonance frequencies and vibration characteristics of oil injection nozzles in endurance dynamic testing at ascertained frequencies
  • Training on interferometric measurement technology
  • Sample production of injection molding tools and small batch production
  • Analysis of damage caused to load plastic components
  • Determination of the material properties of plastic granulates
  • Durability testing of plastic parts in cooling lubricants


Yearbook Steinbeis Foundation´s Transfer Award – Löhn Award

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Phone: +49 171 7110547
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Förschner
(Stand: 02/01/2024)

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