Steinbeis Transfer Center Technology Consultancy and Development


  • Coordination of the transfer between university and industry
  • Consulting, providing information, training, expert reports, certification
  • Development of studies

Key Areas

  • Optics and optical sensor technology
  • Electronics for light and laser
  • Eye safety in case of laser radiation and LED radiation
  • FEM calculation, construction and 3D laser printing in mechanical engineering
  • Coordinate measuring technology and construction of precision engineering
  • Technical acoustics and noise measurements in mechanical engineering

Project Examples

  • Development of optical sensors to recognize water, ice and snow on streets
  • Calculation of metal foam parts
  • 3D laser sintering of metals and alloys
  • Calculation, simulation and construction of critical machine parts
  • Measurement and evaluation of laser headlights
  • Infrared reflectography on paintings
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Albrecht-Erhardt-Str. 17, D-73433 Aalen
Phone: +49 7361 94300-5
Fax: +49 7361 94300-4
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Dittmar
(Stand: 09/27/2018)

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