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Medical Clowning is the world’s first specialised academic education programme created for professional artists who intend to work in the health care environment and to use humour and laughter for therapeutic purpose.

  • Level 1: Certified Medical Clown
  • Level 2: Specialised in Medical Clown
  • Level 3: B.A. in Medical Clowning (in planning)

Key Areas

  • Our education programme for Medical Clowning is foremost, ideal  for all those who have already been working as Clown Doctors, Hospital Clowns, Care Clowns, Clinic Clowns etc. in hospitals or family entertainment.
  • The organisation‘s main task is to extend the clowns‘ artistic knowledge and experience to gain a deeper understanding for the physical, emotional, and psychological condition of children in hospitals and people in need.
  • The Medical Clowning curriculum is based on consolidated recommendations from numerous international clowning organizations, medical institutions and experienced trainers and tutors. It sets a common ground for quality standards in the professional education of  Clown Doctors worldwide.
  • Our task is to establish a globally recognised education in Medical Clowning as well as the institution of a new occupation, which will gain significant credibility for this important professional work.
  • This programme is also a vehicle to raise awareness and change the image of professional clowns within the health-care industry.
  • In addition to our academic programme we offer humour workshops tailored for medical institutions, organisations and corporations showing them how to incorporate the benefits of humour in their working environment.

Project Examples

  • The first group of 80 Clown Doctors began to study for the Certified Medical Clown Programme in July 2012 and completed together in May 2013. The students from Zdravotní Klaun, one of eleven partner organisations of Red Noses Clowndoctors International were very motivated to set new standards in the industry.
  • Twelve Clown Doctors from New Zealand commenced their studies in February 2013 and will complete the level 1 in the next few months.
  • Our education programme has already been presented in a few Asian countires and was warmly accepted.  As the first group there, the entire team of 18 Clown Doctors in Singapore started their training in August 2014.

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Management: Professor h.c. Dr. Thomas Petschner, Ph.D.

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