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  • Organizational development and human resources development (both strategic and operational) in the field of specialist, new talent, and manager retention
  • Concept development for the complete process of recruiting employees, communicating with and attracting employees, employee loyalty and rehiring employees. (Support with implementation optional)
  • Our company- and location-specific services offer even small and medium-sized companies and trades with no human resources development departments more freedom to act on their own, independent of temp agencies and head hunters
  • Analyze corporate competencies with the ECC (Steinbeis Enterprise Competence Check) followed by optimization consulting in relevant areas by our trained Steinbeis ECC consultant.

Experts at Steinbeis Consulting Center Specialist Retention.Talent Management.Succession Planning are members of the Steinbeis Consulting Group Personal (SCGP). The Group is an association of experienced experts from various Steinbeis Enterprises who specialize in organizational and personnel development as well as personnel and competence management and cover a broad portfolio of services. Further information on the SCGP can be found at

Key Areas

  • Development and implementation of concepts for specialist retention (depending on company and location)
  • Business process optimization in personnel recruitment, human resources selection and employee loyalty
  • Strategic and operational consultations for specialist and new talent retention, as well as achieving employee loyalty and company succession planning
  • Establishing a company’s own talent pool and talent management
  • Establishing employer branding and HR marketing measures
  • Implementation of talent relationship management within companies
  • Cross-demographic human resources planning
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) related to location and human resources
  • Recognizing, developing, and making use of advantages related to given locations with respect to personnel recruitment
  • Measures to prevent losing employees to other market players (competition)
  • Recognizing untapped employee potential and – with their agreement – making use of this potential for the benefit of both parties
  • Consulting (within the scope of concept development): how, where, and when potential candidates can be sought and found
  • Support in the search for suitable company successors through a talent pool
  • Establishing contact to associations and relevant educational institutions
  • Skills development through training or coaching in order to implement new processes within companies (independence)
  • Our services are also effective in regions with weak infrastructure and industries with intense competition
  • Competences:
    • Employee and management level: profile comparison of requirements (target competences) and actual competences as well as derived measures
    • Organisational level: corporate competence analysis and derived measures
    • Competence development concepts

Project Examples

  • Concept development and implementation of processes for talent relationship management to attract specialist employees
  • Coaching of managers (employee management, company culture)
  • Consulting of company management on succession planning by including departmental heads; successor coaching
  • Cooperation with regional developers and coaches for future-ready companies within the greater Nuremberg metropolitan area (key topics: demographic change and specialist retention)


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