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  • Coaching/consulting in specialized skills (business development and quality management) and social skills
  • Software-supported training in specialized skills (business development and quality management) and social skills
  • Certification in line with the Institute's study and examination regulations

Key Areas

Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute kiu is specialized in competence development for people and organizations. The focus lies on the combination of specialist knowledge and social competencies, such as communication, conflict resolution and solution orientation.

People can be motivated if they are encouraged, their competencies are being appreciated and if they get actively involved. Companies are successful if this culture is being lived and developed. The qualification, aligned according to this philosophy, combines theoretical knowledge with a high degree of transfer into practice.

Our services are developed in dialogue with our customers, current market and competition requirements, as well as new insights from science and research.

University certificates of Steinbeis University Berlin offered by Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute kiu:

Company and services

  • Six Sigma lean manufacturing
    • Six Sigma Green Belt kyu (SHB)
    • Six Sigma Black Belt kyu (SHB)
    • Design for Six Sigma Green Belt kyu (SHB)
    • Lean Management Green Belt kyu (SHB)
    • Lean Management Black Belt kyu (SHB)
    • Six Sigma and Lean Management Master Black Belt kyu (SHB)
  • Quality management in the automotive industry
    • Competence Manager in the automotive industry (SHB)
  • Medical quality management
    • Competence Manager, Medical Quality Management (SHB)
  • Business excellence
    • Competence Assessor, EFQM Model (SHB)
    • Competence Assessor, EFQM Model, Health and Social Services (SHB)
    • Competence Assessor, EAT (SHB)
  • Service management
    • Competence Service Master (SHB)
  • Complaints management
    • Competence Complaints Manager (SHB)
  • Operations management, SME
    • Competence Project Manager, SME (SHB)
    • Competence Project Controller, SME (SHB)
    • Competence Specialist, SME (SHB)
    • Competence Manager, SME (SHB)

People and Competence

  • Training und Consulting
    • Competence Trainer (SHB)
    • Competence Trainer, Moderator and Specialist in Presenting (SHB)
    • Competence ServicesConsultant (SHB)
    • Company Profiler (SHB)
    • Kairos-Coach, Kairos-Consultant and Kairos-Trainer, HOKsys® (SHB)
    • Competence Trainer Business Etiquette (SHB)
    • Competence Trainer Intercultural Business Etiquette (SHB)
    • Certified Etiquette Trainer - Hospitality Industry in China (SHB)
    • Mimik Analyst, Eilert (SHB)
    • Trainer for Emotional Intelligence (SHB)
    • Resiliency Trainer (SHB)
  • Therapeutic work
    • Systemic Consultant Family Therapy / Family Therapist (SHB)
    • Health Therapist Bodywork (SHB)
    • Art Therapist (SHB)
    • Daily Assistant (SHB)
  • Project and Process Management
    • Competence Project Manager (SHB)
    • Competence Process Manager (SHB)
  • Coaching, Moderation and Mediation
    • Competence Coach and Mediator (SHB)
    • Competence Coach (SHB)
    • Competence Mediator (SHB)
    • Competence Moderator (SHB)
    • Health Coach EOL (SHB)
    • Emotions Coach (SHB)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • DVNLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • NLP-Basic DVNLP (SHB) | without degree
    • DVNLP-Practitioner (SHB)
    • DVNLP-Master (SHB)
    • Coach DVNLP (SHB)
    • Master-Coach DVNLP (SHB)
    • Trainer DVNLP (SHB)
    • Instructing Trainer DVNLP (SHB) | validity: 3 years
    • Instructing Coach DVNLP (SHB) | validity: 3 years

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