Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Sales and Marketing Institute (VMI)


The Steinbeis Sales and Marketing Institute (VMI) offers implementation-centric support to entrepreneurs and companies, particularly in the SME sector, with a focus on sales and marketing. It offers this support through

  • Management consulting
  • Coaching for business leaders
  • Market research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Workshops, seminars and training courses

Project methods are based on delivering measurable success:

  • Experience from research and practice in a team
  • Exclusive involvement of consultants with front-line experience in business
  • Leadership at all levels of management
  • Many years of expertise in a variety of industries
  • An excellent network of contacts
  • Experience in market leadership creates the next generation of market leaders

Key Areas

Business functions

  • Marketing and sales consulting for medium-sized businesses, including CRM, pricing
  • Digitalization in marketing and sales, including in-house tool development
  • Sustainability in marketing and sales, including the analysis and development of roadmaps

Industry focus

  • B2B such as capital goods and industrial services
  • Consumer goods
  • Construction and the real estate industry

Project Examples

  • Strategic realignment and preparation for the handover of an owner-managed company to third-party management (medium-sized company in the food industry)
  • Analysis, derivation of measures and implementation of a new pricing model for an international company in the plastics processing industry, including in-house tool development (as the only player in the market, successfully passing on price rises to customers during massive cost increases)
  • Introduction of a secondary brand to serve entry-level price ranges and thus safeguard the main brand (EBIT growth of approx. 4 percentage points)
  • Implementation of value-based price differentiation for spare parts (EBIT growth of approx. 2 percentage points)
  • Development of a communication strategy for the implementation of social media and corporate social responsibility (8% increase in awareness)
  • Introduction of customer value-based client management (reduction of sales costs by 7% - without loss of profit)




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Am Galgenberg 110, D-73037 Göppingen
Phone: +49 7161 9565796
Management: Prof. Dr. Rainer Elste
(Stand: 02/01/2022)

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