Steinbeis Consulting Center


  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Process assistance
  • Implementation

Key Areas

  • Business design, hybrid design, process design (transmedia design), user experience (UX)
  • Business design uses the designer’s ways of thinking and working (design thinking) to develop solutions for commercial problems and requirements within the organization. The challenge is not to design something like a stamp or a chair, but the whole business and its offering. Design, when used as a creative solution, can generate key insights.
  • Hybrid design is the combining, merging and networking of analogue and digital environments, objects and services.
  • Process design models business processes and designs corresponding instruments in order to maximize efficiency. Typically, an existing business process is examined, analyzed, reevaluated and redesigned.
  • Branding, CI/CD
  • Orientation leading information (OLI)

Project Examples

  • UX/Process Design for industry, Institutes, GO's und NGO's national und international
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Schifferstraße 96, D-60594 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 172 4030058
Albstraße 3, D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Management: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Christian K. Pfestorf
Prof. Dipl.-Des. Michael Richter, MDES
(Stand: 09/14/2021)

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