Steinbeis Transfer Center New Media and Data Science


  • The planning, conceptual development, and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Applied interdisciplinary research and development in the field of mobile and digital new media
  • The development of new types of interaction concepts in everyday media settings
  • Seminars on topics relating to the competences of the transfer enterprise

Key Areas

  • Artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, classification processes, sensor data fusion
  • Augmented reality, graphics solutions, computer graphics
  • Interaction design, mobile solutions, mobile interaction sensors
  • Image and audio processing

Project Examples

  • mpleLoc: Localization technology for indoor areas based on advanced sensor fusion For further information, go to
  • Augmented Art: Augmented reality toolkit for smartphone spps incl. a content management system for managing content For further information, go to
  • Porsche Museum, Stuttgart: An augmented reality app for a special exhibition on “50 Years of Porsche Development in Weissach”
  • Fördercafé: A search function for funding options based on AI technology, including immediate evaluations of results and flexible scores For further information, go to
  • DBO (Association of Master Organ Builders) A new concept for the association website, forums, and administration; an event coordination system for organ concerts, including a mobile organ app
  • Design of a mobile gasoline information app with integrated navigation and e-commerce features
  • Design of a mobile graphics solution for medical image data


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