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Saving resources has become immensely important to the construction sector in recent years. This has fueled demand for strong but lightweight materials, since classic building materials offer limited potential when it comes to sustainability. This is where new composite materials offer major advantages. FiberCrete, the Steinbeis Innovation Center, develops and produces fiber- and textile-reinforced construction materials, as well as efficient technologies for producing such materials. In doing so, the focus lies in material composition, dimensioning, and defining parameters.  FiberCrete provides you with comprehensive support from initial concepts to actual implementation: FiberCrete Chemnitz - innovation in construction.

Key Areas

  • Construction material development: high-performance concrete, fiber- and textile-reinforced concrete, lightweight concrete, self-compacting concrete, building concrete, alkaline activated systems, natural fiber-based composites
  • Formwork design involving special requirements
  • Technology development and optimization
  • Production and quality control
  • Material and component testing: Mechanical testing, thermography, rheology, durability, chemical assessment, nondestructive testing
  • Advisory services on concrete technology and training
  • Preparation for approvals in individual cases involving unregulated construction materials
  • Drafting of expert reports for renovation projects (e.g. parking garages) 

Project Examples

Development and implementation:

  • Free-form street furniture in lightweight concrete with integrated functions
  • Module-based, large-scale formwork system for molding precise, pourable, and malleable high-performance concretes
  • Free-form facade components made from fiber-reinforced building concrete
  • Sustainable sandwich ceiling system in concrete-based lightweight construction using renewable materials
  • Cement-free, textile-reinforced casting compounds for industrial floors subject to significant chemical stress


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