Steinbeis Transfer Center Economic and Technology-Policy Dialogue


  • Policy-advice, consulting of decision makers
  • Trainings, coachings and internships, Train of Trainer
  • Seminars, lectures, conventions
  • Information and study tours for entrepreneurs and decision makers
  • Studies and expert statements

Key Areas

  • Best Practice in economic-, technology- and innovation policy
  • Set-up of business-orientated technology transfer structures (following the model of German Steinbeis-Foundation) / SME-focused technology services
  • International national co-operation between technology- clusters (in context of program „Cluster-Dialogue“ of the Federal state of Baden-Württemberg)
  • International partnerships between technology-institutions and business associations
  • Dual education system (following the models of Steinbeis-University Berlin, Dual University of Baden-Württemberg and  Vocational Colleges in Germany)
  • Establishment of bi-national dual master degree courses

Project Examples

  • Asia regional: Analysis of the R&D potential in selected countries of Central Asia and South Caucasus (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Georgian Republic, Moldova)
  • Indonesia: Restructuring and establishment of a structure of associations, business plan development for technology transfer structure run by MITI
  • Russia: Set-up of a Steinbeis Transfercentre in Saint Petersburg, staff training, company audits, provision of expert advice
  • South Africa: Set-up of the Technology Stations network Tshumisano within the so called Technology Stations Program (TSP) of the Government; training and information on “green technology” issues, Training in Active Short Consultancy and Business-Check; staff training, provision of professional consultations
  • Turkey: Set-up of a Steinbeis enterprise at the university of Hacettepe in Ankara, staff training, provision of professional consultations
  • India: Set-up of a Steinbeis enterprise in Hyderabad, staff training, provision of professional consultations Innovation Promotion in the MSME sector India
  • Republic of Georgia: Assessment of the potential of a technology transfer system and of the protection of intellectual property
  • Mexico: Initiation of partnerships between Mexican business associations COPARMEX and USEM) and German associations BDI and LVI, Set-up of a technology transfer structure in Guanajuato State, Central Mexico (based on the model of Steinbeis)
  • Malaysia: Assessment of the potential of a technology transfer system and franchise training of Malaysian partners
  • Tunisia: Assessment of the potential of a technology transfer system; workshops and seminars on strategy building with respect to setting up a technology transfer network, Training in Active Short Consultancy and Business-Check
  • Brazil: Solar thermal plants for electrical power generation - creation of master lecture modules in co-operation with partner universities
  • Palestine: Set-up of three dual study tracks at the Arab Al-Quds University
  • Colombia: Analysis of the technology transfer landscape and recommendations for improving the efficiency
  • Estonia: Export training for Estonian companies for the German target market. Branch focus: food, furniture, IT, electronics, and construction industries
  • Keynote speeches in Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia and Myanmar, Colombia


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