Steinbeis Arenas organized by the Steinbeis Foundation

Three years, three arena events, three essential aspects of successful knowledge and technology transfer. Between 2014 and 2016, the Steinbeis series of arena events turned the spotlight on the key goals of transfer: scientifically recognized advancement, as a prerequisite of innovation, plus one of the core challenges faced when innovating – funding. The main aim of the arena events was to bring experts and key industry players together as part of an interactive format that would facilitate a new, agile form of collaboration. At the moderated events, there was an inner circle of representatives from science, politics, major companies, but also SMEs, and they undertook a critical assessment of a focal topic. In the second ring, there were co-contributors who made a critical assessment of the discussion in the middle. This ring was surrounded by the outermost circle of the arena – the audience – where people could add comments, reflect on the statements made by the panel members, and even actively engage in the discussion. Full-length sequences of videos (language: German) filmed at the arena events can be viewed in our media library.

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