The project is the response to the “Invitation to Tender No. 132218 – 2005 (ENTR/04/87) STUDY OF THE MARKET AND ANALYSIS OF THE COMPETITIVENESS OF THE EUROPEAN PRESSURE EQUIPMENT SECTOR”.

The consortium will ensure the successful executing by:

  1. Providing strong technical and technological know-how in the sector of pressure equipment (PED, SPVD, TPED)
  2. Ensuring the real European dimension by involving more than a decade existing network of 300+ members of EPERC – European Pressure Vessel Equipment Council for data collectionand insight information
  3. Engaging rich experience and technical competence of the partners in data collection, surveying, data analysis, economic, socio-economic and market studies

The proposed state-of-the-art methodology and its implementation have been successfully demonstrated in similar important studies in the market, industry and research sectors. Thanks to the very strong links of the consortium in all areas of concern, over notified bodies to the national and international trade and industry associations, standardization and regulatory organizations, as well as a strong potential of adequate geographical coverage, the study offered in this tender will yield and deliver the most qualified, comprehensive and useful results, namely

  • Deliverable 1: Description of the European Pressure Equipment Market
  • Deliverable 2: Assessment of the international competitiveness of the sector

Thus also allowing for clear, precise and useful conclusions, thus contributing to the main declared goals of the ”Pressure Equipment Industry for the 21st century”.

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