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School of Governance, Risk & Compliance

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The School of Governance, Risk & Compliance (School GRC) was founded in Germany in 2007 as a research and education institute, under the auspices of the private Steinbeis University Berlin. It brings together the work of two further institutes in addition to the existing “Institute for Risk & Fraud Management” which was founded in 2004. These institutes address the issues of “Corporate Integrity Management” and “Crisis & Continuity Management.” The School GRC provides education and training offerings for executive managers and specialists, and underscores the close interconnectedness of the various topics. Furthermore, the institute supports first-class managers – in all aspects, even with respect to changes in company management.


The project and research work carried out by the school is marked by a close link between practice-based results and current research findings. The school is one of the leading institutions operating in the areas of governance, risk, and compliance. It develops standards and proposes solutions for existing challenges but also works in a preventative capacity with respect to future challenges. Within the scope of the institute’s cooperative project and research work, companies are actively integrated in the process in order to develop timely, practice-based solutions.


The School GRC also offers customized seminars for companies, associations, and institutions, which are developed in line with their specific needs and areas of activity.


Master of Business Administration: two-year, extra-occupational project competence degree (PCD) culminating in a degree certificate for a Master of Business Administration (MBA).


Field: Business Administration


  • Governance/Risk/Compliance/Fraud Management


Master of Arts: two-year, extra-occupational project competence degree (PCD) culminating in a degree certificate for a Master of Arts (M.A.).


Field: Auditing

Major: Internal Auditing


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Key Areas

The MBA study program offered by the School GRC, with a concentration on governance, risk, compliance and fraud management, not only teaches specialists and executive managers in Berlin to recognize business risk and how to minimize blue-collar crime, but it also exposes the students to strategic approaches their companies can take to promote compliance and effective management as long-term management objectives.

The two-year, extra-occupational project competence degree (PCD) is an interdisciplinary and international program. It is geared toward European specialists and executive managers across all industries who work for companies and public administration bodies, as well as in specialist departments such as compliance or auditing. It is also ideal for external auditors. Over the course of two years, the specialists are exposed to the necessary specialist knowledge in the fields of “Business Administration and Economics” and “Law and Social Sciences,” and also “Information Technology.” The course of study covers majors in the areas of effective business management and security, risk management, fraud prevention and business ethics.

More than six experts instruct the extensive, interdisciplinary courses for professionalism when dealing with issues of governance, risk, compliance and fraud management.

Upon successful completion of the course of study, students are awarded a Master of Business Administration (MBA), with a concentration in governance, risk, compliance and fraud management.

Since fall of 2009, interested students have had the option of completing certification courses at the School GRC. Over a maximum of 12 months, on 35 separate days, students can acquire specialist know-how in compliance and fraud management, after which they can call themselves certified compliance experts.

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