Steinbeis Transfer Center

New Technologies in Traffic Engineering

Prittwitzstr. 10
D-89075 Ulm
  • Management:
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Willmerding


  • Consulting
  • Applied research and development
  • Computations
  • Writing of expert reports
  • Products:
    • winLIFE program for calculating service life of alloys, based on finite elements in metallic materials (nominal voltage concept, local concept, multitaxial calculation, cogs and bearings); collaboration with MSC/NASTRAN for Windows; and all other FE programs capable of reading UNIVERSAL files.
    • More than 50 successful projects implemented in German and English.
  • Training:
    • Service life calculation using winLIFE/1 day seminars; run three times per year in German and once per year in English.

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Key Areas

  • Drivetrain optimization (usage simulation; service life forecasting)
  • Development of new kinds of shifting strategies for automatic transmissions
  • Logging of cycles during real driving, involving different vehicles (MB SLK 200 and Audi A4 quattro 2.5 TDI)
  • Standard measurements include the track, lateral acceleration (from GPS data), topography, driving speed, video recording and other factors requested by the customer
  • Dimensioning and calculation of new kinds of roads/aerial traffic plans etc., based on finite element methods
  • Calculation of service life under dynamic loads
  • Definition of component Wöhler curves based on calculative methods

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Project Examples

  • Reduction of fuel consumption without compromising the driving performance of commercial vehicles by optimizing the drivetrain and its components based on computer simulations
  • Calculation and construction of vehicle assemblies and estimation of service life
  • Calculation of service life of materials under dynamic loads
  • Optimization of the service life of a clutch
  • Measurement and documentation of testing grounds used by automotive companies based on circuits driven by measurement vehicles

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