Steinbeis Transfer Center

Process Management in Product Development, Production and Logistics

Tannenstraße 10
D-72810 Gomaringen
  • Management:
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Augustin
    Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) Ingrid Augustin


  • Strategy consulting
  • Concept and scenario planning
  • Implementation, planning and support
  • Change and project management
  • Structuring of virtual working environments
  • Training courses and seminars for managers and employees
  • Expert reports

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Key Areas

Product development

  • Optimization of product development processes in PLM
  • Lean development
  • Introduction of management and quality management methods
  • Optimization and improved efficiency in process design for new product introduction NPI
  • Customer management and supplier management
  • Setup and implementation of product development controlling
  • Virtual Collaborative Engineering (VCE): management of virtual teams within the product development cycle
  • Evaluation and implementation of data processing systems e.g., PDM systems etc.



  • Site analysis and development of manufacturing network strategies
  • Factory planning for new building developments, reconstruction and building extensions
  • Development of future-ready manufacturing strategies
  • Design of manufacturing and assembly systems and their work stations
  • Design of logistics systems and materials flow optimization
  • Lean management
  • Six Sigma



  • Site analysis and development of distribution network strategies
  • Warehouse planning for new building developments, reconstruction and building extensions
  • Design of picking and packaging systems and their work places
  • Design and implementation of controlling systems for logistics and the warehouse
  • Setup of quality management systems in the supply chain
  • Lean logistics
  • Lean warehousing
  • Evaluation and introduction of information systems e.g., APS, ERP, MES, WMS, etc.


Education and training

  • Open seminars (
  • Customer-specific in-house training courses for the areas of product development, production and logistics
  • Implementation of simulations games, case studies and learning workshops at the company

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Datum Bezeichnung Ort Gebühr(netto) Gebühr(brutto)
14.10. - 15.10. Mit Qualitätsmanagement in der Logistik zu Business Excellence durch optimierte und robuste Prozesse Stuttgart 1.100,00 € 1.309,00 €
04.11. - 05.11. Kompaktseminar Lagerplanung Stuttgart 1.100,00 € 1.309,00 €
13.11. - 14.11. Wareneingang: Kosten reduzieren und Qualität erhöhen Stuttgart 1.100,00 € 1.309,00 €
18.11. - 18.11. Kennzahlen im Lager-Management Stuttgart 610,00 € 725,90 €
19.11. - 19.11. Shopfloor Management im Lager Stuttgart 610,00 € 725,90 €
02.12. - 03.12. Online und Multi Channel Handelslogistik: Aufbau, Optimierung und erfolgreicher Betrieb Stuttgart 1.100,00 € 1.309,00 €

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