Steinbeis Transfer Center

Technology Consultancy

Postfach 10 14 52
D-70174 Stuttgart
  • Management:
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Breuer
    Dr. Eduard Konopka


  • Consulting
  • Applied research and development
  • Writing of expert reports

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Key Areas

  • Architecture
    • Planning of profitable and energy-saving construction projects
    • Use of solar heat in buildings
    • Restoration of old buildings and memorials
    • Problems relating to construction planning and town planning
    • Room lighting, air conditioning and room acoustics
    • Computer-aided architectural planning
  • Civil engineering
    • Solid construction, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, concrete bridges and prefabricated construction, steel construction
    • Water supply, water treatment, waste water management and treatment
    • Road construction, earthworks, foundations, soil mechanics, determination of all key soil values
    • Suitability testing for bituminous building materials
    • Poisonous material measurement on road surfaces
    • Compaction measurements in roadmaking
    • Determination of adhesive tensile strength
    • IT in civil engineering
  • Construction physics
    • Thermal protection and energy consulting
    • Thermal transfer processes in construction
    • Thermal properties of construction materials and parts, thermal bridge computations
    • Humidity protection in buildings
    • Humidity computations in areas affected by dew and internal condensation
    • Air protection and footfall sound protection in buildings and laboratories
    • Structure-borne sound investigations
    • Solar energy use
    • Penetration of radiation through glass
    • Sound protection
    • Sound insulation and dealing with noise
    • Measurement of the sound absorption properties of building materials
  • Chemicals used in building materials – building materials
    • Building material use, development and damage
    • Determination of standard properties, monitoring, damage assessment
    • Corrosion and corrosion protection relating to hydraulic binding agents, unprocessed stone, ceramic products
    • Environmental analysis
    • Examination of lakes, rivers and land
  • Geotechnology
    • Soil mechanics
    • Earthworks and soil engineering
    • Landfills
  • Mathematics
    • Graphical data processing
    • Finite element methods
    • Neuronal networks
    • Software development
  • Measurement technology
    • Application and measurement-based testing of modern geodata instrumentation
    • Position and shape determination of historical buildings and archeological sites
    • Construction deformation assessment
    • Elastic variation of narrow buildings in high winds
    • Ultra-precision terrestrial measurement
    • Digitalization of surface properties
    • Aerial image analysis on all scales
    • Industrial measurement systems
    • Geoinformation systems (planning, continuation, training)
    • Cartography
    • GPS methods
    • DGPS navigation

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Project Examples

  • Drafting of CAD documentation as part of a stocktaking exercise at an industrial enterprise
  • Analysis of the properties of shell limestone concrete under extreme loads
  • Development and construction of a comfort measurement apparatus for a surface heating system
  • Development of a contact-free 3D coordination measurement device
  • Deformation measurements at power stations
  • GPS networks in road making
  • Capturing data for a graphical information system
  • Use of digital maps and GPS navigation devices in traffic control centers
  • DGPS measurements for environmental information systems
  • Construction deformation assessment using CAD graphics in half-timbered houses
  • Determination of vertical swing of high towers
  • Contact-free deformation measurements

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