Steinbeis Transfer Center

Soil Biotechnology

An der Worthe 19
D-18059 Huckstorf
  • Management:
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Leinweber


The Soil Biotechnology Steinbeis Transfer Center promotes the transfer of emerging agrobiotechnology for use in the research, use and protection of soil. On one hand, soils are considered a resource, indeed a practical source of genes and organisms. On the other hand, they are a field of application for new biotechnology processes. The portfolio of services encompasses:

  • The selection and propagation of micro-organisms found in soil
  • The morphological and molecular genetic description and enzymatic analysis of the effects of saprotrophs and mycorrhizal fungi
  • Process development aimed at biotechnological soil cleaning, especially phytoremediation
  • Process development aimed at the ecological exploitation of waste products in soil by adding useful microorganisms
  • Molecular chemical analysis of complex biomaterials using mass-spectrometric methods, especially pyrolysis-field ionization mass-spectrometry
  • Risk assessment of the cultivation of transgenic crops on soil as part of a comprehensive assessment of environmental impacts
  • Monitoring of the cultivation of transgenic crops with respect to soil characteristics and soil processes
  • Greenhouse and field trials
  • Writing of evaluations and expert reports on soil biotechnology

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