Steinbeis Consulting Center

Health Care Management

Rudolfstr. 19
D-88121 Ravensburg
  • Management:
  • Dipl.-Verw.Wiss. Gerhard Maier
    Prof. Dr. Benedikt Hackl


  • Expert and process consulting  on key success factors related to people and performance issues in organizations and health care management.
  • Cost and results-based networking of clinics and other health care institutions.

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Key Areas

  • Management of health care facilities
  • Clinic management and medicine accounting
  • Supporting organizations, teams and individuals through change processes
  • Recruiting, engaging and developing managerial staff and key employees 

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Project Examples

  • Procurement of interim managerial staff to run a clinic
  • Setup and tailored design of, and implementation support for, a professional medicine accounting system
  • Process support in a merger of two clinic locations
  • Setup of a systematic, target group-oriented approach to retaining and recruiting personnel

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