Steinbeis Consulting Center

Marketing and Strategy

Mudauer Ring 167
D-68259 Mannheim
  • Management:
  • Silvia Schumacher-Michalik


  • Marketing consulting and support for SMEs
  • Marketing consulting and support for municipal utility companies and energy companies
  • Market and needs analyses, customer segmentation, definition of customer profiles, customer retention and acquisition measures
  • Development and maintenance of a successful integrated communication strategy in terms of both form and content (corporate branding)
  • Development of a profit-oriented market cultivation strategy based on an analysis of existing market development strategies with regard to competition, sector development, customer requirements and social trends.

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Key Areas

  • On a horizontal level, operational and strategic consulting and concept development in the field of marketing
  • On a vertical level, specific industry expertise in energy, the energy business and energy services
  • In-depth experience and expertise in how to communicate complex technologies and services in B2B and B2C
  • Market research, design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative experiment design

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Project Examples

  • Analysis of existing corporate communications including all channels and messages, and development of an optimized, integrated communications concept spanning all media and content
  • Development of a marketing concept to foster customer retention and acquisition in both B2C and B2B
  • Launch of a new product/brand
  • Analysis of the potential of innovations

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