Steinbeis Consulting Center

Engineering design and product development

Prittwitzstr. 10
D-89075 Ulm
  • Management:
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Watty


  • Training in product development methods
  • Consulting in the field engineering design and methodical product development
  • Training in engineering design and business issues for technical staff
  • Dimensioning of components and machinery
  • Expert reports in the field of engineering design

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Key Areas

  • Product development process: systematic approach to developing innovative products
  • Product development methods, including FMEA, QFD, idea generation, selecting and assessing innovative ideas
  • Product optimization, including value and risk analysis, series and modules, and development of eco-friendly products

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Project Examples

  • FMEA for optimization of glass panels with inbuilt blinds
  • Methodical development microsystems (process development)
  • Conceptual study of the management of pellets in the production of concrete roof tiles
  • Modular development of roof racks for commercial use
  • Internal company training on geometric and positional tolerances
  • Creating a quality assurance system in line with DIN EN ISO 9000 for use in development

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