Steinbeis Transfer Center

Oldenburger Münsterland Region

Eschstr. 29
D-49661 Cloppenburg
  • Management:
  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Hermann Blanke


The Oldenburger Münsterland Steinbeis Transfer Center provides companies and organizations in the Oldenburger Münsterland region of Lower Saxony with access to the entire portfolio of services offered by the Steinbeis Foundation. The full team of Steinbeis experts is available to deliver these services.

  • General advice
    • Support:
      • Capturing and understanding issues
      • Setting up new businesses
      • Submitting funding applications
      • Utilizing scientific knowledge
    • Lining up:
      • Contacts for business collaboration
      • Contacts at research and development establishments
      • Information for use by companies
  • Expert technology consulting
    • Analysis of problems and potential solutions in the following fields:
      • The entire spectrum of technology fields
      • Business administration
      • Design
    • Evaluation of technology and markets
    • Product development and concept application
    • Diversification strategies
  • Applied research and development
    • Selection and definition of R&D projects
    • Planning and control of projects
    • Conducting of R&D projects on behalf of companies

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