Steinbeis Transfer Institute

Institute for Integrated Diagnostics

Gürtelstraße 29A/30
D-10247 Berlin
44B Chrystalwood Lane, Governors Bay, RD1
NZ-8971 Christchurch - Lyttelton
  • Management:
  • Professor h.c. Dr. Thomas Petschner, Ph.D.


  • Certified course in Facial Diagnostics
  • Certified course in Integrated Diagnostics

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Key Areas

  • Structural elements of the faces in relation to the health condition of our organs  
  • Facial diagnostics in relation to emotional & mental balance
  • Interplay between facial diagnostics, micro expressions and plastic surgery
  • Integrated diagnostics in complementary medicine and holistic health
  • 8 Elements of Life Fulfillment ®

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Project Examples

  • Workshops for leading management, recruiting agencies and heads of HR  
  • Workshops for medical professionals and health consultants
  • Workshops for models, actors, public figures, beauty therapists       
  • Consultations for lawyers re screening process of the jury

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