Steinbeis Transfer Institute

ISW Business School Freiburg

Gürtelstraße 29A/30
D-10247 Berlin
Salzstr. 15
D-79098 Freiburg
  • Management:
  • Konrad Ayen
    Tenna Jensen, Cand. Mag.


  • Academic degree programs
  • Further education
  • Innovation management
  • Strategy and organizational consulting


Bachelor of Arts: Triannual vocationally integrated Project Competence Concept (PKS) with the degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

Area: Leisure Industries
Major Subject:

  • Leisure Markets and Management

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Focal Subject

  • Leisure studies: Culture management, sports management, tourism management
  • Behavioral economics
  • Economics
  • Innovation management
  • Business cluster management

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Project Examples

  • Degree program: “International Culture Management” since 1998
  • Degree program: “International Sports Management” since 2004
  • Degree program: “Tourism and Leisure Management” since 2009
  • Leading-Edge Cluster Competition, Microsystem Technology 2010/11
  • Implementation of leading-edge clusters since 2011
  • Leading-Edge Cluster, Microsystem Technology - iZEM 2012

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