Steinbeis Transfer Center

Welding and Joining Technology

Mendelejewstrasse 4A
D-09117 Chemnitz
  • Management:
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Mayr


  • Advice on welding and joining technology
  • Mechanical materials testing
  • Metallographical materials analysis
  • Development of optimized joining strategies
  • Damage analysis

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Key Areas

  • Arc welding
  • Laser processing and special welding techniques
  • Measurement-based recording of processes (high-speed cameras, thermal cameras, electronic measurement technology, etc.)
  • Reconciliation of materials with joining processes and component properties

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Project Examples

  • Welding of steel, aluminum, magnesium and special materials
  • Joining of materials of the same or of different composition (e.g., metals with plastics)
  • Application-based optimization of arc welding processes
  • Training in all areas relating to welding and joining technology

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