Steinbeis Transfer Center

Management-Innovation-Technology (MIT)

Willi-Bleicher-Str. 19
D-70174 Stuttgart
  • Management:
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Würtz


  • Networked engineering: product engineering, process engineering, project engineering
  • Consulting and coaching on variant management, product development processes, project management
  • Engineering support services: project management for development/production projects
  • Seminars and workshops on innovation management, variant management, project management
  • Methods training: QFD, FMEA, variant design, value-stream design

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Key Areas

  • Process design/optimization
    • Customer-centric optimization and redesign of internal and external processes
    • Planning and optimization of new product development processes
  • Product development/optimization
    • Optimization of product in terms of functionality and cost
    • Product portfolio planning and variant management
  • Project engineering services
    • Professional management of client development projects
    • Optimization of existing PM methods and tools
  • Corporate development
    • Business and project evaluations with respect to technological innovation potential
    • Development of business plans, market and technology studies for innovation, growth and restructuring processes

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Project Examples

  • Relating to project engineering
    • Client: medium-sized enterprise, automotive supplier
    • Project scope: launch of end-to-end project engineering to ensure projects suited to the business are identified (fit with core activities of company?), to process projects with maximum efficiency (internal/external processes suitable?), with the ultimate aim of minimizing and managing risk of achieving project goals (on time, within target and budget)
    • Goal: implementation of engineering projects based on standard procedures from start of development until launch in production (SOP), making it possible to plan resources and costs reliably according to defined work packages
  • Relating to variant engineering
    • Client: major medium-sized enterprise, specialized engineering
    • Project scope: launch of end-to-end variant management, making it possible to shorten deadlines by over 50% between initial customer contact and delivery, without limiting scope of delivery to client or raising prices thanks to standard procedures
    • Goal: to deliver the client solution by using components and pre-assembled modules from a defined (standard) toolkit and reduce the need to supply required prototypes (if contract gained) and slash delivery times for approval of serial product, by installing appropriate processes, especially the time needed to submit detailed offers
  • Relating to process engineering
    • Client: medium-sized enterprise, engineering
    • Project scope: as part of an expansion drive into medical technology, profitable application areas should be identified for existing technology and products, the entire engineering process should be matched to applications and suitable business partners should be identified, based on long-term mutual gain, to be integrated into the existing business network
    • Goal: by focusing on in-house core engineering processes, but also on collaboration with suitable business partners, with complementary (process) know-how, to place the entire product life cycle for solutions in the new field of medical technology on a profitable level, quickly and sustainability

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