Contents of the Transfer magazine 2/2011


Steinbeis on a local level
Knowledge and technology transfer in the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region

“The vital component is successful transfer – the hallmark of Steinbeis!”
A discussion with Petra Ohlhauser

Region of Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg

Processes can’t be imposed on people – you have to live them!
175 people attend the 1st Steinbeis Engineering Forum

Communicating via web 2.0
Social media marketing for hospitals

The 2011 Steinbeis Day

Saving energy the easy way
Using cogeneration units to reduce energy costs in manufacturing processes

Off to pastures new
Steinbeis consultants help companies enter international markets

There'll be no piles of sediment here!
Steinbeis evaluates the licensing potential of a patented current redirection wall

Solving conflicts quickly and effectively
Online video mediation

mikromakro: Little heads – big ideas
It starts with an idea and ends in an invention

Consulting spotlight

Tracking down image drivers
Steinbeis experts demonstrate new ways to sell coaches

The art of getting everything done
Seeing engineering projects through to completion

The call of self-employment
Two SHB alumni found their own business consultancy

Company whistleblower systems: detecting and preventing white-collar crime
Steinbeis Compliance Monitoring evaluates whistleblower systems

Training spotlight

A successful start
The Steinbeis Network takes root in Mexico

Competitive intelligence – an integral part of corporate decision-making
SHB student assesses the nature of strategic market and competitor monitoring

The woman destined to give public speeches
The experiences of a participant on an SHB certification course

Implementing strategies innovatively
Steinbeis student asked to come up with an integrated management system

Uncovering potential
Material efficiency and energy optimization in metal processing

25 years of the TQU: ensuring quality in companies
Steinbeis anniversary in Ulm

Laying future foundations: Gründler medical
Steinbeis shareholdings set to grow

Ten years of keeping an eye on risk
Reasons to celebrate, Part II

From pioneer to market leader in ten years
Reasons to celebrate, Part III

Making technology transfer tangible
Documentary film produced by the SEZ and the Enterprise Europe Network

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