Transfer 02/2011

Contents of the Transfer magazine 4/2010

Are values shifting?
Steinbeis study in partnership with JCI Germany

Successful hospital marketing
Steinbeis experts design online consultation service that builds trust

Aerospace – fueling ideas in Baden-Württemberg
An interview with Dr.-Ing. Rolf-Jürgen Ahlers

Qualifying the next generation of specialists

Steinbeis and LR BW set up the German Aerospace Academy

The 2010 Löhn Award
The latest round of prizewinners and projects

LEARNTEC sets international standards
Steinbeis expert organizes LEARNTEC education fair

Training spotlight

Practice dovetails with theory – and vice versa
Technology transfer in universities

A double distinction
i/i/d is awarded the 2010 iF communication design award – twice

15Talents goes hunting for talent
The war for young academic talents

Selling off companies successfully
Steinbeis provides Metabo with support

Growth fuelled by quality
SHB student maps out organizational development at Esslingen Hospital

Following in the footsteps of Ferdinand Steinbeis
Business development: SHB students playing popular role

Can we control friction?
Novel micro-architectures created by laser structuring

Consulting spotlight

Terra Truck – the commercial truck of the future
New vehicle eases the burden on local delivery traffic

Business strategies based on internationalisation
The Enterprise Europe Network helps SMEs set up partnerships