Steinbeis Research Center Computer Graphics and Digitalization

Steinbeis Research Center Computer Graphics and Digitalization
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  • Application-based research projects
  • Acquisition of geometry and reflection properties (BTF)
  • Development of software prototypes
  • Consulting services
  • Expert reports and feasibility studies
  • Seminars and training

Key Areas

  • Data collection 
    • Capturing, processing and compression of the reflection functions of a variety of materials 
      • BRDF
      • BTF
      • BSSRDF
      • Spectral effects
    • Digital capturing, processing and compression of the emission characteristics of light sources
    • Digital capturing, processing and compression of geometry 
      • Photogrammetric
      • Laser scanning
    • Fusion of geometry, texture and reflection characteristics
  • Material design 
    • Texture, BTF  and geometry synthesis
    • Shader programming
  • Visualization
    • Processing and rendering of CAD data 
      • Mesh repair algorithms
      • Mesh generation
      • Parameterization
      • Real-time tessellation (NURBS data)
      • Collision detection
    • Photo-realistic rendering based on measured optical material parameters 
      • Integration in VR applications (real-time)
      • High-end visualization 
    • Real-time processing of major data packages
      • Point clouds
      • Networks
      • Volume data
    • Terrain rendering 
      • LOD techniques for real-time visualization of records on any scale (out-of-core)
      • Model expansion, integration of terrestrial data
      • Integration of GIS systems
      • Segmentation and annotation
      • Navigation
    • 3D interaction techniques
    • Video-based hand tracking
    • Automatic navigation support
  • Content-based searches
    • Retrieval methods for 3D objects
    • Partial 3D object matching

Project Examples

  • Cooperation project (BMWi) 2008-2010, in collaboration with the company RSS GmbH
    Development of efficient processes for automating the reconstruction and visualization of high resolution 3D city models


Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144
D-53113 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 7342-01
Fax: +49 228 7342-12

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klein
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